White Stripes Teeth whitening whitening strips for whiter teeth Teeth whitening strips


【56 Whitening Stripes】: 28 for the lower row of teeth and 28 for the upper row of teeth, max. Apply 30min / day, mint flavor.
【Professional Sealing Technology】: NO-SLIP technology, the strips adhere better to the teeth and do not slip, it adapts perfectly to the individual dentition.
【White Teeth】: Removes stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, smoking, or poor daily dental care, making your smile radiant!
【Safe and Fresh】: No hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and pain, fresh mint flavor, leaves your mouth fresh and clean every time.
【Guarantee】: The Bleaching Strips is FDA certified, and we provide 12 months carefree guarantee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to tell us and we would like to solve your problems anytime.



UPC: 702443699987

How do you use:
Section 1: Clean the teeth thoroughly. Dry the teeth well with a tissue.
Section 2: Open the foil wrapper to expose the strips.
Section 3: Lay the floor strip first, then repeat with a point.
Cut 4: Hold the strip on your teeth for 30 minutes, avoid eating or drinking.
Section 5: Remove strips and discard. Remove and admire existing gel.

In some cases, there may be white, temporary spots on the teeth. This is completely normal. The spots form after the last user back again. Please continue the application normally.
The teeth of all persons are different, the results of the whitening is not the same. So it can not be predicted or guaranteed.

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to use this product.
The product must not be used on dental ulcers. The product must not be used after orthodontics and dental practices.
The tooth-sensitive users must not use the product with due care.

56 * MayBeau Charcoal Whitening Stripes


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